About the Artist

Bill Anthony is an innovative and creative artist, who discovered his passion for stained glass in 1992. His insatiable desire for knowledge led him to study under three successful stained glass artists. A teaching career, spanning 28 years, culminated in an early retirement, thus allowing him to pursue his stained glass artistry.

Distancing himself from the average stained glass artist, Bill experimented with all forms of glass in his earlier works.

Flying over Manhattan in 1997, Bill was inspired by the symmetry of the street grid below; it reminded him of a computer board. He started collecting "junk" computers and experimenting – designing and creating his own tools to cut and shape the boards.

Bill was astonished to see how light passes through certain boards and capitalized on the 3-D effect it produced. A new art form was created. Local interest grew when television and press became aware of Bill’s art from recycled computer components. This led to national television exposure where Bill and his art were showcased. His work can be found in homes and offices all over North America and in England, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Although the combination of stained glass and recycled computer components, which we believe is unique in North America, is Bill’s focus, he continues to work with his first love, traditional stained glass - with a flare for the unusual.